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Limited Fine art print: "Serene Waters: A Meditative Dance in Blue"

Limited Fine art print: "Serene Waters: A Meditative Dance in Blue"

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Title: "Serene Waters: A Meditative Dance in Blue"

In my latest oil painting, "Serene Waters," I embark on a visual exploration of tranquility, where a woman adorned in a white bathing suit gracefully floats within a sea of abstract blue hues. This composition seeks to capture the delicate balance between stillness and movement, inviting viewers into a serene realm of contemplation and beauty.

The central figure, dressed in a simple white bathing suit, becomes a visual anchor—a symbol of purity and simplicity against the intricate tapestry of the painted waters. Her poised and weightless form reflects a sense of peaceful surrender, mirroring the calmness one experiences when immersed in the soothing embrace of water.

"Serene Waters" is an invitation to delve into the contemplative power of art—to find solace and reflection in the midst of life's currents. It is my hope that this painting serves as a visual sanctuary, where viewers can immerse themselves in the quiet beauty of a moment suspended in time—a woman in a white bathing suit, floating in the abstract painted waters, embodying the profound serenity that lies beneath the surface of our everyday existence.


The original work is painted by hand on canvas with oil paints. This is one of the largest pieces made by the artist 160x100cm. The artwork can be hung in different directions, lying down or standing up. A limited number of 100 fine art prints were made from the original painting. All art prints are numbered, signed by the artist and come with a certificate of authenticity. 


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